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Helicopter Windows Pty Ltd manufactures-to-order high quality transparencies for specific helicopter and fixed wing aircraft models. The company specialises in manufacturing OEM and after-market windshields and windows. Being quality oriented Helicopter Windows has a manufacturing system which includes inspection processes for the material used and for the part post-fabrication to ensure the product meets the specified quality release criteria. For windshields this means no optical distortions. In December 2011, Helicopter Windows voluntarily cancelled its Australian Parts Manufacturer Approval (APMA) with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Although the company can no longer provide NAA Release Certificates for parts, it does supply a Certificate of Product Conformity with each part. The Certificate (i) specifies the relevant engineering design data in accordance with which the product/s has/have been manufactured, (ii) specifies the material used including the manufacturer's batch number (where applicable), and (iii) certifies the conformance of the product/s to the engineering design data, well as stating that the product/s is a/are reliable replacement/s for the corresponding OEM part/s. For our domestic customers the Manufacturing In the Course of Maintenance (MITCOM) provisions of CASR can be used. * NAA = National Aviation Authority As well as quality aircraft parts, Helicopter Windows also manufactures commercial strength Replica Cockpit Shells (RCS) for use in Synthetic Flight Training Devices or home Flight Gaming. Replica Cockpit Shells allow an accurate spatial orientation and awareness immersion experience for ‘pilots' by providing visual focal and peripheral vision cues. These commercial grade units are: handmade from fibreglass and end core balsa wood; the same size as the OEM cockpit; and strong, stable and robust. Helicopter Windows service a diversity of customers: Helicopter maintenance businesses and fleet operation companies such as cattle mustering, tourism and commercial freight businesses Gyrocopter & ultralight owner/builders Warbird restoration organisations and builders such as the Australian War Memorial Helicopter OEM, and Synthetic Flight Training Device providers.

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